Long and Strong Opinions: How Safe and Effective is this Product?

Long and Strong Overview

Long And Strong is a multi-functional male enhancement product that has been developed by a company called “Long & Strong”. The primary functions of this product are to help men gain more confidence in the bedroom by providing them a range of different benefits for their sexual health and erectile functions.

According to details that are available regarding Long And Strong, the product enhances the size (length and girth) of the user’s penis, which is one of the main areas that affect a man’s self-confidence. This isn’t the only function of this product as it also targets other important aspects of a healthy sexual life.

The product will also improve erection quality and duration, enhance the user’s stamina and energy levels, and help the user last for a longer period of time while participating in sex.

Working Process

As much as 52% of the global male population are experiencing at least one symptoms that may indicate the development of erectile dysfunction. With age, the prevalence and severity of this condition also increase considerably. Other common problems that men face in the bedroom include a below average sized penis, a lack of energy, the inability to last long while performing physical activities and a low libido.

Long And Strong focus on providing the male user’s body with several natural ingredients that may help in fighting against these common sexual dysfunctions and problems that men face on a daily basis. While there is a lack of information available concerning this product, we were able to determine that one of the main ways in which Long And Strong works are by increasing* blood circulation in the body to push more blood to the penis. This can cause the penis to be larger when the male user is erect as more blood will be collected inside the penis.

Long And Strong Ingredient List

We were unable to find a complete list of ingredients that are included in this product, but we were able to obtain a list of three active natural ingredients that the product contains. These ingredients include:

  • Horny Goat Weed – This ingredient is a herb that is often used as an aphrodisiac in order to increase a person’s sex drive. Due to the icariin found in horny goat weed, it may also have a similar effect as Viagra and other drugs that treat erectile dysfunction. Icariin is known to improve the flow of blood in the body and allow blood to flow freely towards the penis.
  • Maca – Maca is commonly found in products that provide support for men due to its potent benefits for the male sex drive, sexual health, and overall well-being. It is reported that maca extracts can increase* libido among men, support male fertility, increase energy and stamina, and it may also help the user build lean muscle faster. Some evidence also exists that the nutrients found in maca may help to stimulate hormone production in the male body, which may cause a rise in testosterone levels. Some of the compounds that are active in this ingredient may also assist with improving blood circulation.
  • Muira Puama – This ingredient is traditionally used in Brazil as a nerve tonic and as an aphrodisiac. There are also claims that Muira Puama extract can enhance* cognitive function and improve* overall sexual function among men.

What are the Advantages of Long and Strong Plus

  • Long And Strong contains maca, which is rich in minerals and other nutrients. Many of these nutrients play an important role in blood circulation, hormone production and other functions of the body that are related to sexual health.
  • Some of the ingredients in Long And Strong are often used as Nootropics. This means that the formula may also help to improve* mental health and cognitive performance. Improved* mental health may also help to reduce symptoms of anxiety and other psychological factors that can interfere with sexual abilities.

What are the Disadvantages of Long And Strong Minus

  • The information that is available about Long And Strong is very limited. There are no user reviews and the official website of the product fails to load. This makes it fairly difficult to make a conclusion as to how safe and effective this product really is.
  • The manufacturer of the product only lists three ingredients included in the formula. It is likely that the formula contains more ingredients that are not disclosed by the manufacturer, which makes it more difficult to trust the product.

Important Features

Long And Strong are only intended to be used by adults that have reached the age of 18. This product has not been developed to medically treat* any health conditions, including premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Side Effects

Due to the fact that only three of the ingredients that are added to the formula is disclosed by the manufacturer, it is not possible to determine whether some of the ingredients may cause side-effects to develop. We advise potential buyers to first contact the manufacturer of Long And Strong directly to determine if they may have an allergic reaction or if there is a risk of developing side-effects due to any of the included ingredients before they purchase the product.


Dosage instructions are not provided but should be obtainable from the product’s label.

Final Verdict

Long And Strong provide a multi-functional formula to help men in various areas that involves their sexual abilities. There is almost no information available regarding the product and the manufacturer only disclose three of the ingredients that are included in the formula. Overall, we find the product to be very suspicious and we are unable to make any final conclusions.