Long & Strong: Is this a truth or a scam?

Long & Strong: Potent Male Enhancement Boosts Staying Power?


Long & Strong is a supplement that may increase the amount of time men get to engage in sexual activity, rather than having an embarrassing and early finish. The remedy is only available through the official website, though the user will need to include contact information for a representative to complete the order.

What Is Long & Strong?

Every man takes pride in their sex life. They want to be able to please their partner, and most women need much more than a few minutes of intercourse to reach their “final destination.” For men that want to please their partner, there are plenty of solutions that involve natural ingredients that can promote less stress and healthier blood circulation. One such product is Long & Strong.

The main promise of the Long & Strong treatment is that the user will experience up to 30 more minutes of sexual activity. However, it also claims to:

  • Continually promote longer sessions
  • Increase sexual pleasure and arousal
  • Reduce the risk of premature ejaculation
  • Promote multiple orgasms

The only specific ingredients noted are selenium and zinc. Selenium is required by the body for its ability to reduce toxins, increase immunity, and promote healthier blood circulation. Zinc is an essential mineral, which can cause a range of difficulties in the body (like changes in appetite and infertility) without the right levels.

Using Long & Strong

From the information available, consumers can assume that Long & Strong is a daily supplement. Since a one-month supply is available in a 30-capsule bottle, users can assume that they need one daily. Any other information about the right way to use the treatment will be in the included instructions.

Even though this treatment includes multiple vitamins and minerals, consumers that take medication or supplements may want to check with a doctor before adding Long & Strong to the mix.

Pricing For Long & Strong

The total cost of the 30-capsule bottle of Long & Strong is typically , but the website presently has it listed  to provide a discount to new customers. Furthermore, the shipping on this order is free.

To make the purchase, consumers must fill out their name and telephone number in a form on the website. They will have the opportunity to turn their purchase into a multi-pack of product, which includes remedies for improving muscle mass.

Consumers have up to 30 days to return the remedy for a full refund.

Long & Strong Summary

Even with Long & Strong’s big promises, there isn’t much evidence to support the benefits that it claims. There’s no significant ingredient list, so it is difficult to predict how the user’s body may react. Furthermore, some of the website is non-functioning, so consumers will most likely have to reach out to customer service to fill in all the blanks of what they don’t know before making a purchase.